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My dream came about with the cooperation of:


Luc Hellinckx, site admin

Sander Muylaert, photography of 150 hats

Hilde Lemey, photography and author of the stories

Jopie Boersma, revision

Kris Houthuys, editorial staff

Veerle Verleyen, creative support

Gerd Gabriels, construction of mobile exhibition


and the MANY family members, colleagues, friends who brought headdresses from all over the world to expand the collection.


Thanks again for this !!!


"Solidarity is the tenderness of humanity" Borges


Hilde Lemey has a bachelor's degree in mathematics-physics-economics, which may not be the best choice ever. But with her enthusiasm, sportsmanship, perseverance, humor and interest in children, Hilde wrote a separate life story. The educational field at home and abroad is not unknown to Hilde, her agendas about garden activities and successful cooking evenings, lists of bicycle rides / nodes, excel sheets with an inventory of the books from her library, betray Hilde's versatile interests. Bicycle trips and foreign missions play a crucial role in the development of the Room of Wonder-Kalpak and the activities organized around the theme: Hat off… the World.

Her dream is to immerse a wider audience in the world of the ethnic hat and the many stories associated with it. A dream that is realized with the support of her friend Luc Hellinckx and thanks to daughter Liesbeth who was able to give a place to her mother's many escapades abroad at a young age.


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